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Stacy D • Los Angeles, CA

"I have been training with the owner Jessyca for months, as well as taking classes during the week. I LOVE this place! I have tried classes at several place and trained for years, but this place really stands out. The class sizes are small, its extremely mom/kid friendly, and there is an excellent variety of classes. It's also very affordable compared to many places in the area. There is a huge parking lot in the back which seems simple, but knowing you will always get a spot is key. They also offer mommy & me music classes on the weekends!"

Stacy D

Lauren Q • Los Angeles, CA

"What a GREAT neighborhood gym!! If you are looking for extremely personal small-group workouts with some really lovely people, this is the place. Jessyca and Seth are delightful humans and also kick your booty in the gym. They also really value feedback and are always trying to plan class times to benefit the members...way above and beyond what other gyms do!

I've toned up so much from taking Jess's strength training classes. I especially like her Tabata sets and kettle bell work. Oh, and the abs!! Killer but worth it.  I also enjoy Alyson's Barre class and Hayley's Move and Shrink Session. Really unique classes in a great supportive environment. :)

Although I don't really do cycle, their new studio is GORGEOUS.  My husband has also done personal training with Seth and got such a great workout and support. The other gym goers are also super friendly and fun. It really is a community. I hope to attend one of their social events in the future too. "

Lauren Q

George Y • Monrovia, CA

"I’ve been training with Jessyca for the past fourteen months. I knew that to achieve my fitness goals I needed someone who could keep me motivated. I’ve tried a few times in the previously but always gave up after three or four months. She has done such a great job that I still work out with her after moving ten miles further from the gym."
George Y 

Arielle W • Pasadena, CA

"I’ve been working out with Jessyca from Cardio Body for a little over a month now when I decided it was time for me to be healthy again. At-home training was my best bet because I hate the gym! She comes to my house twice a week bright and early, and she is a total motivation for me! I even sometimes find myself doing the workouts we do together at home even when she’s not there… something I would have never done before.
She started out slow and easy with me and has since turned it up a notch every time we see each other. I’m a total complainer, but I’m so comfortable around her, and even when I feel like I wanna quit, she doesn’t let me. That’s exactly what I was looking for in a personal trainer. In the short time I’ve been seeing her, my muscles have completely evolved! I wanted to put on some muscle in my arms and tone out my whole body, and I’ve already seen a change. She definitely pushes me to do my absolute best and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer."
Arielle W 

Judith Harris • South Pasadena, CA

“It was with absolute fear that I entered a gym for the first time, knowing I needed help, but not having any idea what to expect.  What a wonderful life altering experience it has been, thanks to Jessyca, my trainer.  She is extraordinarily knowledgeable and skilled, always knowing exactly how to introduce something new and has instilled a level of confidence in me that enables me to work out on my own between our sessions.  She has provided the rationale and thorough training in how to use the equipment appropriately in a highly individualized program.  I truly enjoy working out and look forward to the days I work with Jessyca.  She is so patient and supportive and always knows when I have reached my limit, which is often beyond what I thought possible.
Since working out with Jessyca I have so much more energy.  What I am learning from her has impacted my life beyond the gym.  I am enjoying eating healthy foods and feeling so good overall.  I give her the highest recommendation.  She is absolutely amazing and wonderful and has exceeded all expectations.  The cost is so reasonable and the benefits beyond measure.”
Judith Harris

Beth Robbins • Robbinsville, NJ

"Thanks Jess for helping me change my life! A true professional dedicated to helping others lead a healthy, fit and happier life. Your enthusiasm shines through to make workouts fun which makes the time fly by! You’re the best!”

Beth Robbins

Rita Reyes • Hamilton, NJ

“So great to meet such an enthusiastic and caring trainer who took me down to my goal weight WITHOUT starving myself.”

Rita Reyes

Lawanda Alle • Pasadena, CA

“Of all the personal trainers I’ve worked with (and all were competent and knowledgeable) none has helped me to not only feel but see results the way you have.  Your level of professionalism is impeccable and I want you to know how much I appreciate you getting me back on the road to fitness.”

Lawanda Alle

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