HIIT Jump Rope/Jumping Jacks Workout

High Intensity Interval Training- one of the best ways to burn fat!
For this workout, you can use either a jump rope or do jumping jacks (add some 3 or 5lb
dumbbells to the jacks to make it more challenging)
Start with a light warm up- light jog, fast walk, etc.

● Jump Rope/Jacks- 2 min Rest:45 seconds
● 10 Pushups
● Jump Rope/Jacks- 1 min 45 sec Rest: 45 seconds
● 9 Pushups
● Jump Rope/Jacks- 1 ½ min Rest: 45 seconds
● 8 Pushups
● Jump Rope/Jacks- 1 min 15 sec Rest: 30 seconds
● 7 Pushups
● Jump Rope/Jacks- 1 min Rest: 30 seconds
● 6 Pushups
● Jump Rope/Jacks- 45 seconds Rest: 15 seconds
● 5 Pushups

Cool down: Light jog or fast walk followed by a nice long stretch. This workout should only take
you about 15 minutes.


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